638% Increase In Conversion Rate – Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization Results

638% Increase In Conversion Rate

Client background

A startup in the medical industry was having issues getting visitors to purchase STD testing services. They were spending on ads targeting people looking for STD testing yet their sales funnel was not converting people from visitors to patients. Their previous funnel had a 0.36% conversion rate and this was leading them to not be profitable.


In a 2-week period, we did competitor analysis, analyzed their Google ads campaign, analyzed their analytics, heatmaps and visitor recordings. We put together all the issues that the campaign was having and created a plan to solve those issues. When the campaign was turned on again in 2 days it received more sales than the previous month with a conversion rate of 2.66% an increase of 638% from their previous sales funnel conversion rate.


– Previous

Cost = $876.44     277 Clicks    CTR 5.96%     1 Conversion     Conv. Rate 0.36%    CPS = $876.44

– Implemented Solution

Cost = $351.06    188 Clicks    CTR = 6.20%    5 Conversions    Conv. Rate 2.66%    CPS = $70.21 PROFITABLE

 (According to the client, 2 of the sales did not track on Google)


Previous Sales Funnel



Implemented Solution

638% Increase In Conversion Rate Results


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